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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Cat Ba national park

The Cat Ba National Park is home to an extraordinary biodiversity earned it in 2004 to be classified as a biological reservoir UNESCO World. The Cat Ba National Park covers 4,200 hectares of seawater and 9,800 hectares of forest.

In 1986 a half of the island and 90 km ² of coast have been classified as National Park.

The document identifies 32 species of mammals, including moose, monkeys, wild boars, deer, squirrels, hedgehogs, 69 species of birds, including hawks or the hornbill, and twenty species of reptiles and amphibians .


The park meets the subtropical forests with evergreen trees on the hills, marshes in the foothills and coastal mangroves, and several freshwater ponds and coral reefs.